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Prize of second party of the wedding of a friend

I first attended the wedding after-party from becoming member of society. Until then, was there any party that was carried out in only good friend, but it was the first time also had to attend properly to the wedding. If you want to say dressed with a friend to attend the order for many days together, congratulatory prize had kept in touch, such as whether to much. The day went by happily formula advanced in very good weather. Also safely end formula was from in the morning, at night became the second party. When I made acquaintance of the people were not carrying a prize of the after-party. Apparently Rashiku secretary of the after-party was now in helping because it was a little bit nervous. Hakobidashi of reception and luggage, we do the variety, such as the preparation is performed also bingo tournament. The second party can not be extended because it decided the time to rent the store the same as the formula. There was a need to promote snappy as planned for that. What is the most time spent was a bingo tournament. People of bingo is I have trouble without also reduce prize because I did not come out easily. So time to draw a number also went fast early. The prize of the second party came out many expensive home appliances such as the classic Wii and iPod. Very fun time some of them aimed at the gag went past during. I also in my wedding I wanted to the after-party.


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